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Product News (December 2015)

Our most established member of our Silica Family is AMI Silica, which was introduced in 2011 and remains the ideal instrument for boiler water and steam application for values higher than 1,0ppb.

Our Silica family has been complemented with two new analysers, AMI Silitrace and AMI Silitrace Ultra. AMI Silitrace, one of the newest members, is suggested to be used in low temperature applications as the reaction chamber is temperature controlled, which leads to reliable measurements under these conditions. In comparison to the AMI Silica we were able to enhance the measuring range from 0,5ppb to 1'000ppb.

AMI Silitrace Ultra
, the other new member, is our on-line monitor for reactive silica in the lowest range. Our AMI Silitrace Ultra is the only instrument on the market, which is able to measure ultra-low silica concentration levels to fulfil the strict limits of the new guideline of the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (0,005ppb to 25ppb).

Greetings from the team at SWAN ANALYTICAL USA

SWAN Analytical USA is a leading manufacturer of high quality on-line analytical instruments for water analysis in applications such as high purtiy water, steam, condensate, cooling water, potable water and effluent. SWAN instruments measure a number of parameters within these applications such as turbidity, chlorine, sodium, dissolved oxygen, pH, ORP and others. Built with Swiss precision, SWAN's reliable analyzers are designed with the operator in mind.