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Greetings from the team at SWAN ANALYTICAL USA:

Swan Analytical USA is a leading manufacturer of high quality on-line analytical instruments for water analysis in applications such as high purity water, steam, condensate, cooling water, potable water and effluent.  Swan instruments measure a number of parameters within these applications such as turbidity, chlorine, sodium, dissolved oxygen, pH, ORP and others.  Built with Swiss precision, Swan’s reliable analyzers are designed with the operator in mind.

New: AMI Hydrogen QED Monitor

New AMI Hydrogen QED Monitor

We are pleased to announce the latest Swan Analyzer for use in continuous measurement of key water quality parameters in steam cycles.

Hydrogen monitoring is becoming increasingly important in corrosion monitoring. At high temperatues, water in contact with iron results in corrosion. Following the Schikorr reaction, the AMI Hydrogen QED measures the hydrogen released as a by-product during the formation of magnetite and the hematite layer. The hydrogen concentration is a direct measure of the rate of the corrosion, alerting operators before excessive levels lead to corrosion.


Integrated auto verification with faraday electrode setup.
Factory tested, ready for use.
Range: 0,1 - 800 ppb or 0 - 50% saturation (at 25°C)
Automatic pressure and temperature compensation.