High-purity water is frequently used in many water treatment applications to avoid possible contaminations caused by water impurities. Measuring the pH of this water is challenging and necessitates specialized equipment.

pH measurement in high purity water is challenging for various reasons. The low conductivity of pure water in combination with the vulnerability to contamination, the variability of reference electrodes and additional temperature effects converge to make this a particularly challenging measurement. Overcoming these obstacles requires a thorough understanding of the potential problems and their systematic solution.

Monitor AMI pH-Redox QV-Flow AC

Complete analyzer on mounting panel.

Factory tested and calibrated on high purity water. Ready for installation and start-up.

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Portable inspection equipment for quality assurance of pH monitors.

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Single Components

All components are available separately for system integration.

  • Transmitters
    Electronic transmitters/controllers for wall mounting or panel insertion.
  • Sensors
    High Purity Water pH sensor with separate free flowing reference electrode.
  • Cables
    Cables for pH, Reference and temperature sensors.
  • Flow Cells
    Stainless steel flow cells with integrated temperature probe.
  • Consumables
    Precision pH-buffers and electrolyte solutions.

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Transmitter AMU-II pH/Redox AC

Transmitter / controller for measuring pH / ORP and temperature, in Noryl case for panel mounting.10?36 V DC

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