Single Components

All components are available separately for system integration.

  • Transmitters
    Electronic transmitters/controllers for wall mounting or panel insertion.
  • Sensors
    High Purity Water Redox (ORP) sensor with separate free flowing reference electrode. Filling solution for reference and mV standard.
  • Flow Cells
    Stainless steel flow cell with and without needle valve.

Transmitter AMU-II pH/Redox AC

Transmitter / controller for measuring pH / ORP and temperature, in Noryl case for panel mounting.10?36 V DC

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Transmitter AMI pH/Redox/Temperature AC

Electronic transmitter/controller for wall mounting.

Measurement of pH or Redox (ORP) potential.

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Swansensor Redox FL

Sensor for the measurement of the redox potential (ORP) in high purity water.

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Swansensor Reference FL

Reference electrode for Swansensor pH FL or Swansensor Redox FL

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Flow cell QV-Flow IS1000, 1m

Stainless steel flow cell with needle valve, integrated digital sample flow meter and Pt1000 temperature sensor for two PG13.5 sensors. Removable cup for easy sensor calibration.

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Flow cell B-Flow IS1000

Stainless steel flow cell with integrated Pt1000 temperature probe for two PG13.5 sensors.

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