Single Components Turbiwell

For the installation of the Swansensor Turbiwell with distant Transmitter.

Transmitter AMI Turbiwell AC

Electronic transmitter/controller for the measurement of turbidity.

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Swansensor Turbiwell 7027, 5m

High precision, non-contact nephelometer based on ISO 7027 (EN 27027, DIN 38404) for the continuous measurement of turbidity in pure water, potable water, surface water treatment and effluent.

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Swansensor Turbiwell W/LED, 5m

High precision, non-contact nephelometer, approved alternative method to US EPA 180.1, for the continuous measurement of turbidity in potable water.

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Swansensor Flow deltaT

Calorimetric flow meter based on heat dissipation.

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Sample degasser AMI Turbiwell

Sample degasser for Turbiwell

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