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Organics (UV254)

Complete monitoring system for continuous measurement of UV absorption at 254 nm for organic carbon trending in potable water and waste water effluent.

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Water quality is critical to the efficiency and performance of water treatment applications and to the longevity of its associated equipment. Sodium measurement is one of the most common techniques that achieves accurate and rapid response at any time to detect possible salt contaminations that are known to be contributory factors in the stress and pitting of corrosion resistant steel.
Sodium concentration monitoring has therefore become one of the most essential water quality determinants throughout various water treatment applications. Depending on the application the following instruments should be included as Key Instrumentation:




Sample ph value
Boiler, feedwater, steam & condensate    
   1.Make up0 - 5ppb   Sodium P or Soditrace pH ≥ 7.0 
   2.Feedwater0 - 5ppbSodium P or Soditrace pH ≥ 7.0 
   3.Boiler0 - 500ppbSodium P pH ≥ 7.0
   4.Steam0 - 5ppbSodium P or SoditracepH ≥ 7.0
   5.Condensate Polishing                             1 - 100pptSoditrace pH ≥ 7.0
High purity water   
 after Cation Exchange 0 - 500ppbSodium ApH ≥ 2.0
 after Mixed Bed0 - 20ppbSodium PpH ≥ 7.0
 UPW Polisher1 - 20pptSoditracepH ≥ 7.0


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