Ammonium / Nitrate / Fluoride

Ion sensitive electrode measurement

Conductivity / Resistivity

single channel: specific conductivity

single channel: acid conductivity

dual channel: specific and acid conductivity with pH

triple channel: specific, acid and degassed conductivity

4-electrode conductivity


specific / total conductivity before & after cation exchanging

Disinfectants (Chlorine, Ozone, etc...)

reagent free, amperometric measurement

photometric free chlorine measurement

photometric total chlorine measurement

photometric free and total chlorine measurement with combined chlorine determination



dissolved oxygen

trace, dissolved oxygen

trace, dissolved oxygen; compact version

trace, dissolved oxygen with faraday verification

trace, dissolved oxygen with faraday verification; compact version

pH / ORP


on PVC panel for potable industry

on steel panel for power industry

Sample Conditioning



passive pH control for samples with pH 7 or higher

active pH control for samples with pH 2 or higher

trace sodium measurement

Total Organic Carbon


wight LED, alternative method to 180.1

red LED, according to ISO 7027

for Power industrie on steel panel

up to 10bar sample inlet pressure

trace turbidity